Using a P90X Pull Up Bar for Sit Ups

In this 12th video of the series, fitness instructor Danielle demonstrates how to use your doorway pull up bar for sit ups. By placing your pull up bar at the bottom of the door frame, you can place your toes beneath the bar to ensure you are using proper form for your sit ups. The bar should not lift when doing sit ups. It it does, you are using your leg muscles too much for momentum, and not using your abs effectively.
Danielle explains proper form for sit ups, which is important for avoiding injury, and for maximizing the benefits of your sit ups. This same method can be employed for crunches as well. Ensure that your lower back and shoulder blades are making contact with the ground, and make sure you are using a fluid motion.
Watch the following video as Danielle demonstrates proper form for the most effective sit ups and crunches.

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