Busting Through a Pullup Plateau

Pullup Plateau

Pullup Plateau

Hitting a pullup plateau is a common problem.  You may have seen some good progress in the first weeks you started your program.  As your reps got easier, you've added reps, but now you have hit that plateau and don't seem to be improving.  You may have even regressed recently.

So what's the secret to busting through a pullup plateau?  Consider the following:

  • Take some time off...
    Consider backing off for a week or so, and give your muscles a rest.  In the meantime, try working your lower body, or try running for some cardio.  Continue your pullup workout where you left off, and see if you can progress from there.
  • Add horizontal pulling and external rotation fo the shoulder exercises...
    Pullups don't work all of your back muscles.  Target some of the supporting muscles.  Wake these lazy muscles up and you can gain some reps.
  • Vary your pullup exercises...
    Try mixed grip pullups.  Experiment with the width of your grip, i.e. narrow grip and wide grip.  Try some circular motion pullups and side to side pullups.  Standard pullups will work the same muscles repetitively.  By performing modified pullups, you can target different areas of your muscles.  Build those supporting muscles to bust through that plateau.  The weakest muscle in your muscle group may be holding you back.
  • Try a dip belt...
    Add some weight and decrease your reps.  Try this for a few sets a day, a few times a week.  Get stronger to get more reps.  Take a few days off to give your muscles some rest, then go back to your regular program.

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