Benefits of Pull Ups

Benefits of Pull Ups

Benefits of Pull Ups

Pull ups are one of the most effective home exercises for increasing the strength and endurance of your biceps, shoulders, and back muscles. This one exercise will work your back, chest, stomach, biceps, triceps, and help to develop hand strength. Pull ups have been part of military training and conditioning for decades.

A big benefit of this exercise, is that it requires very little equipment and you don't need a gym membership.  All you need is an inexpensive pull up bar.  A doorway pull up bar is perfect for the home user.  They are portable, are set up and taken down easily, and don't require drilling or holes in the door frame resulting in permanent damage.

Variations of the standard pull up can be used to target or enhance specific muscles. These variations can be as simple as:

  1. A different hand grip
  2. Changing the width of your grip
  3. Adding diagonal motion, circular motion, or side to side motion
  4. Performing hanging leg lifts or crunches
  5. Adding weight to your core

Pull ups will give you strength and the definition you are looking for.  The key is persistance and consistency.  If you need to start off slow, that's fine.  Just keep a routine.  Even if you can only do a couple or few pull ups at a time, just try to do multiple sets with a minute break or so in between each set.  Do your sets twice a week and do this consistently.  Each week, try to add a rep or two to your sets.  As you build strength, your ability will increase, and adding reps will continue to advance your muscle strength and development.

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