Band Assisted Pull-Ups

Getting your first pull-up can be a challenge for some people.  The lack of upper body strength can make pull-ups a difficult obstacle to overcome.  Training the right muscles and building strength come with time, and you can soon be adding more reps as you gain strength.

If you can't get a single pull-up, maybe you need a little help.  Try assisted pull-up that will help to work your latissimus dorsi, as you go through the motions.  A stretch band (like the Iron Woody Band) is perfect for this.  Once you gain strength from assisted pull-ups, you can abandon the band and find yourself getting your first unassisted pullups.

Another option is to use a spotter to hold your legs and assist in vertical elevation.  Either method will start training your lats, and put you on the path to unassisted pull-ups.

Check out the following video showing Band Assisted Pull-Ups.

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  1. Laila says on :

    I have been weight lifting for about a year . 5…. And that i realized that as time passes the only real time that I was sore was doing leg exercises. To make a long story short, I had been hangin out with one of the trainers, and she showed me a lot of new exercises (its nothing like we spend a lot of time on them either!) The following day I had been sore from top to bottom. Basicly things i am getting at is the fact you may have been stuck within the rut of doing the same kind of routine. However, if you change up your routine your body feels it! Continue the good work!

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